Baruch Hashem Adonaiבושאהמשהוהי


When it comes to marriage, women generally believe that men are the “choosers,” while they are the ones waiting to be chosen. This makes them more inclined to go after men who are unattainable or unavailable, so they can remain excited for an indefinite period of time. Overall, society promotes the notion that women want to get married and men just want to fool around. Women are encouraged to find men who are sensitive and faithful and many are succeeding. To get what they think they want from men, women assume a lot of work is required. These beliefs have developed into an exciting and challenging game for women—trying to get men to fall in love with, or marry, them. Striving for something or looking forward to it causes a stimulant effect in the brain. The problem is, once a woman realizes that she has found and attained what she was looking for she may become bored. Females want the excitement to last, and for them it does last—until after they have a commitment. However, once they accomplish their goal, the feeling of excitement goes away, which is very disappointing because the excitement was what they wanted and they thought it would last.
Pheylethylamine (a natural amphetamine released when lust or passion take over our moods and during physical intimacy) found in the brain, is responsible for raising blood pressure, increasing heart rate, producing a pleasant feeling and a sense of well being. According to science one can expect the infatuation stage to last anywhere from between three and six months. Like any drug, the high doesn't last forever. This also explains shorter-term adulterous relationships - the three month awakening in which one comes to their senses and realises that they are not only no longer infatuated, and don't actually want to be either. Eventually, women begin to associate sex with work. That’s how the brain operates. When you bought your first house, for example, you probably went out and purchased a new lawn mower. You probably couldn’t wait to mow the lawn. But let’s face it, after awhile you began to associate the lawn mower with work. It’s the same thing with women and sex. Over time, many females lose their desire to have sex with their husbands and start having those “I’m not happy feelings”. They are looking for the feeling of excitement again. That is when they usually change partners. They wander off to seek that same chemical rush with someone else.