Baruch Hashem Adonaiבושאהמשהוהי

Hebrew Alephbet (Alphabet)



hard   final        
    Aleph 1 A cutting off of the breath, like the 'h' in 'honest' (Alef)
  Beth 2 The dotted Beth is pronounced 'b,' the undotted 'v'(Beit)
  Gimel 3 The dotted Gimel is a hard 'g,' and the undotted is a soft gutteral 'gh' (Gimmel)
  Daleth 4 The dotted Daleth is pronounced 'd,' and the undotted is a voiced 'th' as in 'the' (Dalet)
    Hey 5 Pronounced 'h'
    Vaw 6 Pronounced 'v' (Vov)
    Zayin 7 Pronounced 'z'
    Heth 8 A gutteral 'h' as in the Scottish 'loch' (Chet)
    Teth 9 A dull 't' (Tet)
    Yod 10 Pronounced 'y' (Yud)
Kaph 20 The dotted Kaph is 'k,' undotted 'ch' (Kof)
    Lamed 30 Pronounced 'l'
  Mem 40 Pronounced 'm'
  Nun 50 Pronounced 'n'
    Samek 60 A dull 's' (Samech)
    Ayin 70 Hard to pronounce. Like a gulping sound.
Pey 80 The dotted Pey is 'p,' undotted is 'f' (Pei)
  Tsade 90 A harsh dental 's' (Tzadik)
    Koph 100 A 'k' at the back of the throat (Kuf)
    Resh 200 Pronounced 'r' (Reish)
  Sin, Shin 300 Sin (with a dot over the left) pronounced 's,' Shin (dot over the right) is 'sh'
  Tav 400 The dotted Tav is a 't,' undotted 'th' as in 'think' (Tav)